Friday, August 22, 2014

Hilltop Park

Hilltop Park, home of the New York AL team that was sometimes called the Highlanders, was situated on high ground in Manhattan, as opposed to the low ground below Coogan's Bluff, where the NY Giants played. There were two interesting things I noticed right off the bat (groan) about this park. One was the serpentine ramp leading up to the top of the stands. Very cool! Second was the entrance building that we've all seen in photos. I was really looking forward to rendering those huge letters announcing 'American League Park'… Alas, the building was quite small compared to the rest of the park, so it really wasn't all that much fun to depict. Enjoy!
Hilltop Park at

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Announcing a New Line of Posters

There Used to be a Ballpark and Ballparks of Baseball. New 11 x 14 posters, each devoted to one ballpark. This way I'm not limited to the four ballparks per poster rule of my previous offerings. I've got  some renderings of some pretty obscure dead ball parks that ballpark nuts will surely appreciate!!

There's more than 56 ballparks available as of right now, and I'll be working on some more dead ball parks coming up too. Take a look!!!!