Sunday, July 8, 2007

League Park

Microsoft's Live Search has a feature called "Bird's Eye View". If you're lucky, you can find what you're looking for in sort of a 45 degree aerial view. It's at Here are some of the views available for League Park. Go to Live Search at and plug in your destination. Click on the little buildings that are popping up in sort of a 3D angle (under the 2d section). That's the Bird's Eye View feature. Once you have the Bird's Eye View, there is a compass tool that allows you to switch your viewing angle. Looking at these images gives you a true understanding of the site and how the existing wall fits into the scheme of things. Until a couple years ago, the concrete base to the lower deck stands behind that wall also existed, but it was crumbling and a safety hazard. Thanks to Lenny Difranza of the Hall of Fame and his webparks blog for this realization. He has been building a site that includes links to various web resources. At his site he has a picture of the Braves Field Windows Live image and from there I stumbled upon the compass points. Good stuff! Thank you Lenny for also giving me assistance on my Ebbets Field image on the New York Historic Ballparks poster.

The Posters Have Arrived!

The posters are here from the printer and are now available. Check out the site for more information. I think they're the best yet (unless you hate Boston and New York, in which case they're suitable only to be used as shelf liner, preferably in the garage, underneath your more hazardous chemicals, such as paint solvents or pesticides).

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions and input!