Thursday, February 7, 2008

Comiskey Park

Here is a recent image of Old Comiskey Park in the last year of its existence. It's a commonly known piece of trivia that the first row of the upper deck of New Comiskey (or U. S. Cellular Field as it's now known) would have been higher and outside of the entire park of Old Comiskey. I'll be loading some goodies up on featuring this park and New Comiskey Park soon.


CCD said...

Jeff, this is a really great website I enjoy your work. Have you ever done a picture of Westside Grounds in Chicago?

Jeff Suntala said...

Thanks ccd,

I am working on one, slowly but surely. I have a simple 3d model made up as of now (as well as one for South Side)...Since I recently did a new and old Comiskey and a Wrigley, South Side and Westside are on my list. It's a long term process!

CCD said...

That's great news Jeff. I look forward to seeing all of the Chicago work!

CCD said...

Jeff, here's an article about the West Side Grounds that ran last week in the Chicago Tribune. Just thought you might find this interesting.

Take Care,

Clint said...


Do you sell framed prints? I can't find any on the site, but I would like to see a framed print of Old and New Comiskey side-by-side. Or perhaps a four-shot, with the Comiskeys, Wrigley, and West Side Grounds. I know exactly where I'd hang it.

Great work.

Jeff Suntala said...

Hi Clint,

I'm working on all of those parks. It'll be a new format that I hope everyone will enjoy.