Thursday, April 5, 2007

South End Grounds

While conducting research into the South End Grounds, it was discovered that the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown has a digital recreation of the Grand Pavillion, the version most of us think of when we do think of SEG. I contacted Tom Shieber and he told me all about the project. It's coming about in three stages. The first stage has been completed with the digital recreation of the Grand Pavillion. The second stage is in progress with a recreation of Ebbets Field, and the third stage will be old Comiskey Park. I'm not really sure how you view the park. Gives one a good reason to go to Cooperstown (besides the obvious reasons) don't you think?

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Tom said...

Just returned from Cooperstown. The virtual tour of SEG was the best part of the museum. I've been out to Cooperstown about a half dozen times and this addition was a real treat being a Boston fan. I'm surprised at the detail they were able to present when it appears not many photographs exist of SEG. I'm hooked on that early period of Boston baseball. I live a few blocks away from the site where SEG and the Huntington Grounds stood, but didn't know about SEG.