Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fenway Park

Here is how the new illustration of Fenway Park is looking. Bob DeCoteau is a Fenway Park tour guide and student of the early history of Fenway. He's been helping me with this. I still have a couple questions. The illustration is supposed to represent the park in it's first few years. Does anyone know if Duffy's Cliff ran all the way along the wall? Was the flag pole there yet? Also the Bromley map of that era indicates a small building that I've circled. Does anyone know what that looked like? Thanks for any help. These three images are all from the Sports Temples of Boston site.

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Sean said...

Duffy's Cliff certainly did run the length of the pre-monster, all the way back behind the bleachers. One thing I'm not sure of, however, is where the 1935 (and 1936? I forget) Duffy's Cliff ended.